Within the context of the third component, Political Party System Support,


The project aims to improve PPs functions and their ability to uphold democratic values through the following activities: 


  • Strengthening PPs capacities in programmes and manifesto’s development to support the outreach, clarity and relevance of their programmes and at the same time contribute to an increased understanding by citizens of different party lines
  • Strengthening PPs capacities in working with parliamentary blocs;
  • Supporting PPs in strengthening the internal management and organisation (finance management, HR recruitment, internal democracy etc.). 
  • Contributing to exchange of experience between PPs in the region through conferences and peer exchanges;
  • Supporting interparty dialogue platforms, which are safe spaces for political parties to meet and discuss. In addition to facilitating the set-up of these spaces, the project will proactively support debate and confrontation and ensure the inclusion of all relevant actors, including MPs, women and youth candidates; 
  • Supporting women and youth participation in political life.


With regards to the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs (MoPPA), the project will particularly:


  • Support the enhancement of MoPPA's capacities by building regional and international collaborations, implementing trainings and peer exchanges, and supporting its internal functioning (PP archiving system, PP desk);
  • Enhance the capacities of MoPPA’s staff in party registration procedures and in interaction/collaboratiion with PPs and parliamentary blocs and other relevant political stakeholders;
  • Support the development of cooperation and liaison mechanisms;
  • Support MoPPA in consolidating its mandate in relation to PP, facilitating a “quality” political party system while strengthening the consensus around the recent political reform and working with HoR to ensure the functioning of blocs.