Arba has worked in the field of elections since 2008. She has worked with IFES as Election Analyst/Program Officer for the project ‘Support for Albania’s Parliamentary Elections’ and with the Operations Team at the European Endowment for Democracy, based in Brussels. She has worked in several election observations mission as LTO Coordinator, LTO and STO in Turkey, Georgia, Guinea Conakry, Congo DRC, Egypt, Kenya and Bulgaria, with the OSCE-ODIHR, The Carter Center, and EISA. She has also worked as Assistant to Project Director for EU EOMs to Jordan, Mozambique and Guinea Bissau.  Between 2009-2012 she worked as Research and Administration Assistant for the EU’s Network for Enhanced Electoral and Democratic Support (NEEDS) Project. She also worked as Research and Administration Assistant for the ACE Electoral Knowledge Network (ACE Project) at International IDEA and as trainer of Gender in Local Governance in Albania. Arba is a contributor to the 3rd edition of ‘The Handbook of Political Change in Eastern Europe’ and has also written articles about elections.