Within the first component of the programme, Parliamentary Support, the following actions will be implemented:


  • Support the strengthening of HoR’s institutional framework and policies in view to consolidate the overall functioning of the institution;
  • Support the strengthening of HoR’s legislative function, through advisory support, capacity-enhancing activities targeting both MPs and HoR staff and by engaging parliamentary blocs/PP;
  • Reinforce the HoR’s oversight and budgetary oversight, by strengthening the practice of parliamentary questions, reinforcing budget analysis, sharing international and regional experience on ex-post expenditure oversight and enhancing collaboration with PP and the Executive (through MoPPA); 
  • Reinforcing the role and effectiveness of the political blocs’ work;
  • Support women’s political capabilities with specific activities (coaching, training etc.) linked to those foreseen to support the political party system;
  • Support HoR's institutional communication thus raising the profile of the institution and the transparency of its work ; 
  • In order to strengthen the overall transparency of HoR decision-making processes, the project will provide support to the HoR library and research centre  and will address the need for a new conference and voting system;
  • Foster long-term collaboration based on peer exchanges by supporting the establishment of sustainable relations with regional and European peers through exchanges and study tours.