Dr. Laith Nasrawin works as Senior Electoral and Constitutional Reform Legal Adviser for the program. He holds a PhD Degree in Constitutional Law from the University of Manchester in the UK, and he is currently working as an Associate Professor in Public Law and Human Rights in the Faculty of Law at the University of Jordan. He previously worked as a Part-time Lecturer at the University of Manchester from 2006 to 2009, and at the Jordanian Royal Police Academy from 2011 to 2013, and he also served as a Visiting Professor at Ahmed Bin Mohammed Military College in Qatar in 2012. 
Dr. Nasrawin is a Qualified Lawyer and a Member of the Jordanian Bar Association since 2001. In 2014, Dr. Nasrawin won the State Appreciation Award in the field of Constitutional Law granted by the Jordanian Ministry of Culture, and the Best Book Award of 2014 for his book “The Right to Peaceful Assembly in Jordanian law and International Conventions”.