Ministry of Political and Parliamentary Affairs (MoPPA)

In order to follow a holistic approach to support Jordan’s reform process, the project will work with MoPPA, which is the mandated institution in charge of:


  • Liaising between Government and Parliament,
  • Following-up on the draft legislation referred to the latter, on the work of parliamentary committees and on parliamentary questions.


The ministry is also in charge of the political parties registry, chairing the inter-ministerial committee created to this effect. Additionally, the ministry drafted the new electoral law and the political parties law. 



Political parties (PP)


Jordan has demonstrated a willingness to support comprehensive political reform in the spirit of gradual democratic transition and sustainable economic development. In this context, a series of policy reforms were initiated including a new Political Parties Law of 2015, which contributed to an increase in the number of political parties (from 18 in 2012 to 50 in 2016) by facilitating the conditions of establishing new parties. 


However, the structure of the political party system is not yet consolidated and political affiliation is not yet the most common form for candidates (during the last elections, 82% of candidates were not affiliated to parties). Most parties are still in the process of organising their internal structures and their membership remains limited.